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“The licensing possibilities are tremendous”- William Shumaker

ALiveSpot is a brand new choice for all music supervisors. A new way to license songs by new artists or hit artists from any era or genre. Matching the perfect song with your brand, we license the artist’s performance on a new song for your project. Just imagine, your favorite “classic” or “old school” singer performing a brand new song just for your MOVIE, TELEVISION SHOW, AD CAMPAIGN, CORPORATE PRESENTATION or VIDEO GAME.

BRANJi will License the music streaming on the interactive website home of ALiveSpot,  WWW.ALIVESPOT.COM.



The biggest expense for music streaming companies is paying for the use of the “masters” or “records” of the songs they stream.

A whopping  70% of the cost of streaming music goes to big record companies and publishers for licenses!

On the other hand, if you pick up a guitar right now, play a song live and record it, you own that master. Whether you’re in front of 20 people or 20,000 people.

We’re able to license these live performances at a much lower rate. We stream the same songs the other music streaming companies offer and much more but we only play their live versions. Since we don’t have to license them from the record companies, we can pay substantially more to the music creators. The highest payout rates of any music streaming service by far.

Computers can do some amazing things today but remember… Only a violin player can play a violin.

THIS… IS ALiveSpot