“The licensing possibilities are tremendous”- William Shumaker

ALIVE is a brand new choice for all music users. A new way to license songs by hit artists from any era or genre. In reality, we’re matching the artist with your brand. We license the artist’s performance on a new song just for your project. Just imagine, your favorite “classic” or “old school” singer performing a brand new song just for your MOVIE, TELEVISION SHOW, AD CAMPAIGN, CORPORATE PRESENTATION or VIDEO GAME. The cost will be significantly lower than licensing one of their hit recordings.

Our goal is to create and license new songs, by classic hit making singers, for use in all media.

BRANJi will Create, Play, License and Sell this new music on the interactive website home of ALIVE,  WWW.ALIVESPOT.COM.



Information for artists…

If you’re signed to an exclusive contract with another company, you can still be part of the ALIVE movement by appearing as a featured “Guest Artist.” We would welcome your support as a portion of the proceeds will go to a foundation set up to aid various charities.

Please rest assured that our number one priority will be to record a brand new song by you that totally expresses your musical statement of today and at the same time adds to your musical legacy. We will work with you and the client to create a musical piece you can both be truly proud of.

Information for writers, producers,
musicians and engineers…

By adding your various talents to ALIVE , you will become part of something that is destined to grow into an independent music production, licensing and sales machine. With you, we will create, market, license and sell these songs though our own channels. By featuring “classic” and “old school” hit artists, we will sell new music to the fans that are already there waiting to buy this product (check out those merchandise booths after a show and listen to all those hit oldies playing everywhere). We believe that all these supporters will welcome new songs by their favorite artists once they are made aware of them. By working together…  We all win!!!